Thursday, 29 October 2009


Moral Oriented Story for Kids

Once there lived an astronomer in a town. As we know that astronomers are sky-watchers, he used to go out at night in the open and watch the stars.

One night, he was gazing at the sky closely and the same time moving ahead. He got so much involved in sky-watching that he stumbled against the edge of a dry well and fell into it. He lay there groaning in pain. A man passing by heard his groans and came to the well. He asked the astronomer how he got there. The astronomer told him all that happened.

The man said, "So you were busy looking into the sky without caring where your feet were carrying you on the ground."

"Exactly sir", retorted the astronomer.

"Then you deserve it. Helping you would be a folly". Saying this, the man went away.

The End…

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